Offsetting Projects

Putting Your Money to Good Use

The Carbon Directory sources carbon credits from companies who are part of the UK government's Approved Carbon Offsetting programme.

These companies run offsetting programmes all over the world, putting your money to good use.

The offsetting projects The Carbon Directory supports include the following:

Clean Energy Development

The power needs of an expanding population will always need to be met. And that's where clean energy development comes in. By funding the development of solar, wind, hydro-electric and biomass-fuelled electricity generation, we hope to replace the planet's reliance on fossil fuels.


The simplest way to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is through photosynthesis. By helping deforested areas in the UK and Africa recover, reforestation removes CO2 from the atmosphere and safeguards valuable natural habitats.

As new carbon offsetting opportunities become available, The Carbon Directory will evaluate them to ensure that they really do make a difference.

If they can help to safeguard the environment, then we'll ensure that your money is used to fund them. To support these carbon offsetting projects and claim your listing in The Carbon Directory, choose from one of our carbon offsetting plans to the right.